Shadow Amplification  LLC
"Getting the Tone You've Always Desired"


The "SHADOW FUZZ" gives a responsible amount of fuzz to the attack without going overboard. It can be turned down to a level of clean sustain which fattens up the amp's drive without over coloring it and adds to your live performance experience.  The gain and volume knobs work well together in achieving the amps drive many are looking for these days.  The Shadow Fuzz is a durable pedal using a 9-volt battery or AC adapter.
The "SHADOW VERB" is one of the best reverb units you can purchase at such a reasonable price.  Most boutique amps do not offer a reverb option and so many of the aftermarket units are very expensive.  The Shadow Verb sounds amazing even when you run it through the front of the amp.  This one is designed to sound like a tank built unit and simple to use with just one knob odf intensity.  One of our best selling pedals, its recommended you use a 9-volt DC negative tip adapter 200ma. 
The "Shadow Double Boost" is a multi-tasking force to be reckoned with, it produces gain and sustain without colorization of your amp.  The first boost delivers clean drive, while the second boost offers a darker tone added.  Think of them as a double boost pedal your amp manufacture did not include when you purchased the amp.  Now you'll have two additional variations to the sound you already love.  Each section has a volume and Boost intensity knob which produces many variations.  The Double Boost is a durable pedal and uses a 9-Volt Battery or AC adapter.
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