Shadow Amplification  LLC
"Getting the Tone You've Always Desired"

"MK 40"   This is a four EL84 variable voltage class A/B amp that goes from 1 to 40 watts.  The cleans in this one are extremely nice.  Pedal friendly and plenty of tone.  The versatile nature of saturation without blowing out your neighbors or small clubs is capable by utilizing a Wattage control.  This feature keeps the rig in bias and also keeps the tone consistent through the full range of 1 to 40 watts.  Very simple to use Volume, Brite, Tone and Wattage controls.  The output transformer will accommodate a 8 or 16 ohm cabinet.  We will have matching cabinets also available in any configuration needed.  I have one on hand available for demonstration by appointment.  Come plug in and hear a melding of Vox like clean tones mixed with a Plexi depending on the Volume levels.  Available at Wild West Guitars in Riverside.  Colors that will be in stock are Grey, Black, Tan, Green.  The black is also avialable in Levant. 
The "Manta" is a little tone monster. With two EL84's and a tube rectifier this little box rocks.  It has Variable Voltage which scales from 1 watt to full 20 watts.  Simple features easy to use and lots of tone. 
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