Shadow Amplification  LLC
"Getting the Tone You've Always Desired"

About us



Shawn "Shadow" Mason

      I am inspired by early tube technology.  I am a Tone Junkie!  I am never satisfied.  I want to build the best sounding rig possible.  I use the best tone driven components available.  I break rules engineers would not to shape what is to be new.  I have seen some great work and want to compete based on results.

      I have worked for the Los Angeles City Fire Department for 24 years and am currently assigned to a Fire boat as a Diver.  I get a lot of inspiration at depths in the sea.  Sound travels four times faster in water than in air with no sense of direction.  There is limited light where I work which makes your sense of hearing come alive.  

     I have a good understanding of the many whom have helped me shape tone.  I take  to heart what each player conveys to me.  This journey I have embarked on long ago has introduced me to many great players whom have shared.  This allows me to build products that I hope you will find pleasing to your ear and allow you to be our best.


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